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Dance-a-thons are hands-down the most fun way to raise school funds while also providing a fun, and interactive activity for the school as a whole. 

Shine Karaoke not only provides the music and lights, but also an engaging host to encourage the students to make the most out of the day. 

Think this event might be right for your school? Get more information today!

Karaoke Party

Stag + Doe

Weddings are expensive! Why not bring all of your friends together and raise some money for the big day? 

Heck, even just another excuse to party. 

Shine offers many interactive options for fundraising games including trivia nights, Musical Bingo, Don't Forget the Lyrics and more! 

Head on over to the Contact Us page to reach out!

Female Soccer Players

Team Fundraisers

Travel is back! That means that there are so many opportunities for tournaments and competitions away from home. 

Relieve some of that burden from your team members by hosting a fundraising night with Shine! Our most popular fundraisers have been Trivia Nights or Musical Bingo partnered with one of our regular venues - you can also run your own raffles or silent auctions between games! 

You know what to do!

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